Private Sessions

A hectic and performance-driven daily routine requires balance. Inspired by the traditional one-to-one instruction in the “gurukula system”, (direct instruction from teacher to student), individual and private lessons in small groups provide the ideal setting for this balance.

Individual lesson
Tailored to your specific needs

Individual classes are personalised to suit your own needs and focuses. This training course provides effective one-to-one instruction: motivational and demanding yet simultaneously stress-free. Any possible physical aches and pains will be sought out in a preliminary consultation. Using a correct anatomical alignment, it is possible to directly respond to these aches and pains, establishing the right basis of understanding for the exercises. Individually tailored modifications can be prepared for you and a structured, personal training programme will be developed, which may also include learning and practising stress relief techniques. Individual classes offer you a high level of guidance and attention that cannot be given in open yoga courses of large groups. You will receive an intensive, personalised yoga lesson.

Private lesson
For small groups of 2 to a maximum of 4 people

Small and exclusive: focused exercises in small groups for anyone wishing to practise yoga together in the familiar company of friends/partners.

Private individual sessions are effective because:

  • Suitable for any age and any physique
  • Attentive support for everyone: step-by-step approach for beginners, deepening of practice for advanced practitioners
  • Not dependent on time or place
  • Possibility of alleviating physical complaints – whether they be old injuries or acquired malpositioning
  • Improvement in birth preparation for pregnant women, effective and also suitable for women after the birth as an effective restorative measure

Teaching individual perception in a relaxed and safe way.

The time and place can be arranged flexibly at your home. Teachings in german, english and spanish.